We provide special Internet domain name registration and hosting services to veterans, non-profit organizations and clergy at discounted prices as well as free email forwarding for active duty personal.  Our discounted .com, .net, .org & .us registration AND hosting rate is $30/year—no hidden or added costs for full online WWW functionality … also, no hype or ads (unless you connect or link to a “free” service or social network).  Annual renewal cost will always be the same as the current initial cost to register and host your domain — no “99¢ Special” or “Free” domains.

Hosting is proved by our affiliate at, and consists of the 30/300M VPS basic package: 30M space, 300M/month bandwidth, two webmail accounts, one SQL data base file, and a private password protected cPanel with open source web management tools.

If you came to this page directly from you probably are already a discount customer, you will receive a email PayPal or PayAnywhere invoice for your renewal*.

  • Ignore any email or snail mail that hypes “URGENT NOTICE” for renewal or to sign up for any “SPECIAL”.  If you have any concern or question about an email regarding your domain name please forward it to Tech.Support @ MODUK.NET.
  • FYI: A description of domain name scams … For Educational Purposes Only.

*If you have not received a 60-day “heads-up” email or a 30-day email invoice from, want to change your service or qualify for the discount rate, please contact us by using the “Reply” form below.

You automatically qualify for the discount rate if you have registered at (include your public certification key in your reply).

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